Juggling school, friends, social media and extracurricular activities can get hectic. Thankfully, there are several apps that can be utilized to help with anything from basic schoolwork to organizing a personal schedule to keep students on track. After some research, here are a few of our favorite apps to help ease the school grind.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is claimed to be “the ultimate class and homework planner,” according to businessinsider.com. The app manages teacher contacts, class schedules, and upcoming assignments and tests all at your fingertips. iStudiez Pro basically acts as a calendar and to-do list just for school schedules. It is available for $2.99 on iOS and $9.99 on Mac.


Documents helps the user access and organize files with the capability to annotate PDFs. The app is a powerful file manager with quick access to all files at once, instead of having to circumnavigate through apps like Dropbox and Google Drive. Documents works with all file services including Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Box. You can edit and read documents, annotate PDFs, browse photos and read e-books all in this nifty app. Documents is available for free on iOS only


Although not school specific, Wunderlist can easily be made for any school itinerary and fit the user’s individual needs. Wunderlist basically makes sure you stay on top of what you need to get done, when it needs to be done. Wunderlist makes it easy for the user to create multiple lists, collaborate with other Wunderlist users on various projects and create alert reminders. Even better, this nifty app is free for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows.

Scanner Pro

Not only does this app promote going paperless, it helps keep track of all kinds of documents. Scanner Pro is helping the modern day student keep organized through the utilization of a scanner via phone camera. This app can scan any paper or receipt and save it as a file to any storage device, such as Dropbox or Google Drive. The app can also access preexisting documents and turn them into PDFs. In a nutshell, Scanner Pro will turn your phone into a portable scanner. You can save any document as a PDF or JPEG with the ability to edit, preview and send. Scanner Pro will only set you back $3.99 and is available on iOS.


What may be considered one of the most incredible apps for any student having to continuously write research papers (I’m looking at you, English majors), RefMe will create bibliographies and citations simply by scanning a book’s barcode. All the user has to do is scan a book or journal’s barcode via their phone’s camera, and voila, books, journals and even websites can all be cited from over 7,000 different citation styles. Not only is this app incredibly useful, it’s also free for iOS and Android.